Hairy House

Hairy House

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Baggage Monster

So, we spent last night weighing, culling, weighing again, culling again. It brings back all those memories of our t many trips to England and Saudi and Africa, from my childhood, when we used to turn up at the airport wearing half our wardrobe, our pockets and the linings of our coats stuffed with books and tapes and toys, in an effort to keep our excess baggage down to a manageable weight.
We retired to bed at midnight last night, fairly confident that we had got things under control, but sometime during the night the baggage monster - a fearsome beast - crept into our house and gave birth to 396 assorted pencils pens, rulers and rubbers, three pairs of shoes, 25 bottles of shampoo, lense solutions and moisturiser (all of which are apparently indispensable.) We had to be out of our rental at 10, so had to throw everything into the car and beetle off with kids to various locations. The cats have gone, our cases are with JC we have done a vinnies drop and a school uniform shop and the car is still stuffed to the gills.
However, am having first coffee of the day, waiting for husband and then we are off to spend the rest of the day - our last day - in the glorious sunshine, sorting out what we can ditch.

Farewell to Australia for quite a while,
Farewell to my old pals as well,
Farewell to my one eyed old Guinness,
I'll miss you all more than you can tell,

Singing Toorali toorali additty,
Singing Toorali oorali eeeee,
Singing Toorali, oorali additty, 
For we're off for new adventures in ol'Blighty.

I've been to cities, that never shut down,
From New York, to Riyadh, to Old London town,
But no matter how far, or how wide I roam,
I'll still call Australia home (ish)

Good bye to clear blue skies, to the
birds and the strange lolloping creatures, goodbye to all my very good friends, who have made me feel humbled and grateful and blessed, these last few weeks.

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