Hairy House

Hairy House

Monday, 26 January 2015

Whinings of Lucy the Bard

So, I don't like to whinge (actually, that's not true, I love to whinge, but realise that nobody wants to read a blog that is nothing but whining) but, in the interests of being honest, I am going to indulge.
People keep asking how we are settling in and the truth of the matter is that, we aren't settling in and can't really settle for a while. In some ways it is as though we are still on holiday – rather more wine being bought, still in the “hey, we have to buy pork pies and English chocolate!” - phase, but to be honest, this is getting a little wearisome. Because we don't have the time or the cashflow to do the other things one would do on holiday – sight see, eat at nice places etc.
The older two are at school, but we still have Lydia at home. The local school – the one Juliette is attending – is a specialist sports college and considering Lydia is the least sporty person in the world, we thought she ought to have the chance to try for one of the two grammar schools. BUT. Apparently, to coincide with our arrival in England, the grammar schools have decided to change the way that they run the testing, which means that neither the county council, who are supposed to run the tests, or the schools, who the county council think are supposed to run the tests, have a clue what's happening and at this rate it looks like she may be at home till Easter. Which means that I can't even begin to look for work, be it packing shelves in Sainsbury's, teaching, or cleaning toilets, since we don't know where my chauffeuring skills will be required – Buckingham, Winslow or Aylesbury (five minute drive, ten minute drive, or 25 minute drive, in other words!)
Meanwhile, Rupert is still working for the Brisbane office and hasn't had time to apply for a job here, which means that we don't know whether he will be disappearing to London for 24 hours a day, or whether he will be able to get something local and a bit more family oriented. What's more significant, is the fact that he thinks we shouldn't get a dog until he knows whether we can pay the vets bills.....
And of course we still haven't got any stuff and am seriously missing it all now – especially the ironing board, the mop and the hoover! At some point in every day, somebody says, “I'm just going to play the piano – oh, it's on the the ship.” Though we have been VERY lucky as have an array of blow up beds and mattresses supplied by sisters and sofa and chairs provided by neighbours, it will be nice to have our own stuff – to have shelves and cupboards so that we don't have to have piles of papers lying around on the floor everywhere.
Had a melt down a few days ago as it really hit that this is it. We are here now and won't be going home. It's not Australia I miss, I have to say – not yet. But I do miss my friends, I miss being warm, I miss knowing what it's like to be able to walk around without feeling like the michelin man. Doesn't help that it's Australia day weekend, I suspect. Knowing that most of my friends are sitting round the barbie eating bugs and steak, the annual ride-one lawnmower races pootling around the streets.
In celebration, we took the kids to the cinema last night – thought they should learn some local history by seeing The Imitation Game as Bletchley Park is just round the corner from here. Well, that was a good idea. Felt much cheerier after seeing that....
Okay, that's enough. I do have a job, after all. The fact that it will only be once a month for a while, is not paid, is neither here nor there, as it is still a bizarre, dream job. More about that in a few days....

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