Hairy House

Hairy House

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Once Upon a Time....

 The Kingdom

Once upon a time, a creature crawled from the depths and he gathered all the people unto him and he said: 
"I have a wonderful idea.
"I would like to change this kingdom of ours. I would like to rape her oceans and lay waste to her earth, so that the rich may become richer and the poor shall become poorer.
"I would like to build a great wall around the kingdom so that those who are desperate will not be able to find refuge. 
"I would like to put females in their proper place - that is, I would like them to be valued for their sexual worth alone and paraded around like magician's assistants.
"I would like to take this kingdom back to the golden age when our technology was far behind that of other countries.
"I would like to make sure that only those people whom I consider to have an acceptable sexuality are able to officially declare their love for each other.
"And, instead of wasting money on starving children in other countries I would like to pay it, instead, to those of the rich who have decided to have children in this kingdom, so that they may profit from their  progeny."
And the people replied: "Yes! We must have this person as our leader."
And they all lived......

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